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I have been using Joomlapolis for over a year now, and my latest project I also need membership management application. So, I'm using Joomlapolis again.
However, I'm not familiar with this function.

Please, advise if there is an option out of the box, or what is the quickest way to approach this.

I have a membership site with two different memberships.
I would like to generate a unique link to invite someone to join membership without displaying other membership during sign-up process. Even better if I could send bulk emails to invite all my friends to membership #1, so that everyone who was invited will skip the step of choosing membership.
However, everyone who ended up on my site and went to register (sign up for membership), will be prompted to choose wich membership level they would like, #1, or #2.

I thought of several options, including modifying plugin.class.php, however, once I upgrade to the next version, I have to apply my changes.

Please, advise.

Thank you very much.


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