CB 1.7. CBSUBS 1.2.2 Search and Field questions

8 years 9 months ago #174863 by raniko
Hello, I have a couple of questions that I would like some assistance with.

1) I have a CB list that allows one group, Group A to search the profiles of group B. I would like to make the search component of the list feature work as well. However, when try to "search" this list in the frontend, the search criteria that I am provided with are fields that are associated with Group A.... This isn't helpful as its Group A that is searching the profiles of group B... Please let me know if there anything I can do make the search criteria appearing be related to the group that is in the list, not the group that is doing the search.

2) When a user fills out a registration form, the fields do not show up in the Users own profile view. If another user views this persons profile, the fields show up. Also, if the user "edits" their profile directly, the fields show up in the tabs below. I think tried every possible combo provided in cbsubs field protection plug in. Can someone help me understand why the registration form isn't getting copied to the users own profile?

3) Can I create a field in some way as to have it filled by a parent fields? For example, I would like to create another email field that gets populated by the email address that is on my registration form.

Many thanks for any help that you can offer!

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