I added new plans but cant see them

8 years 4 months ago #177288 by lynnapp
I have set up

We have a Retired community, and when a retiree dies we allow the wido(er) and family members free for lifetime so the Honorary Member classification

So when a member dies the admin should be able to go in and upgrade the paid plan to the honorary plan or I would take unsubscribe and subscribe but I can't get the honorary membership window to show anywhere

I've set them up numerous way the last being

1. Donation (on registration
2. Member plans (exclusive, no-upgrade, lifetime, free, need to pic a child)
2a. Paid dues for calendar year (Exclusive. only plan on registration, renewable )
2b. Honorary Member (Exclusive. only plan on registration, this is free accessible by admin only)

can someone help me?
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