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8 years 5 months ago #177442 by nforse
I've toggled an option somewhere in my CBSubs install that is causing it to skip the internal basket and instead send a customer straight to PayPal. The problem is that the details of the product (price, name, etc) are not passed along to PayPal with them. I realize now that *this* is the purpose the basket serves but I cannot, for the life of me, find what change it was I made so that I can undo it.

Any ideas?
8 years 4 months ago #179798 by nforse
The solution for me was to go to Settings > Display > Baskets and change "Display and require accepting terms" to "Display and require accepting terms". The option I had toggled off in the backend was (I believe) Settings > Display > Invoices and changing the "Invoicing address handling at payment time" option because I had no need for a customer to confirm a shipping or billing address.

Without either of these, CBSubs skips it's basket entirely, sending you to PayPal with a balance due of $0.00.
8 years 4 months ago #179944 by krileon
I unfortunately could not confirm your issue. A redirect is typically performed in very very specific scenarios. For example with PayPal you must be forcing either single or recurring payments, have encryption disabled, and it be your only available payment gateway at time of purchase. There maybe other unforeseen factors as well. If you could please better explain your setup would be greatly appreciated.

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