Manually activate plan with URL string

8 years 3 months ago #180853 by jvande
I have a little functionality I am trying to implement with the plan activation process. I would like to be able to manually activate a free plan via a URL string. Right now all I can figure out using is the "Url of plan to display only this plan ('-' to display multiple plans)" pulled from the Plan edit menu. For example:

This links to the plan I want to target, but I would like to take out the step of clicking on the upgrade button on this plan. Is it possible to add the form submit action also on this URL string?

Help with this is appreciated! This will also set me up for a custom landing page I am making for displaying my plan offerings. It would be nice to to be able to tack on the submit action to the unique plan URL so that things aren't redundant for the user, clicking on Upgrade after they've clicked on that plan initially from my landing page.
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