URL Plugin Problem

8 years 3 months ago #181381 by xenu
I have recently transferred my developement site (Joomla 1.7) to the main site, which i shunted to a backup folder. Since I have done that I have had various bugs with CB Subs and Community Builder. The main CBSubs one is that the URL plugin has stopped working. It simply isn't grabbing the URL. This is a very important plugin for me as i use the URL to generate a license and other stuff for the user which is then emailed to them.

Has anyone else had a similar problem with functionality mysteriously dropping off? How did you fix it? Help! Please?
8 years 3 months ago #181423 by xenu
Currently my only course of action is to downgrade back to cbsubs 1.2.1 and see if that works. I have tried reinstalling joomla, community builder, cbsubs. I upgraded to the latest version out today of community builder. The URL plugin just isn't being triggered.
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