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8 years 2 months ago - 8 years 2 months ago #183783 by toddfletcher
So I have an unsettling issue with cbsubs and payments. I have issues where cbsubs does not renew an auto-renew subscription, even though my payment processor is charging the customer. I checked the notifications table in the DB and the raw_result for than payment is [null]. All the other fields are the same as the other 8 payments. So two questions:

1) It's like cbsubs is not receiving the message that the payment went through - even though it did. What would cause this?

2) The unsettling part, is that there is no message or indication that the error happened, except where I dug into the DB and checked that field. Should I get an email, or the account should be flagged if this type of an error occurs, so I can jump on it before the customer realizes it?

thank you in advance.
8 years 2 months ago #184344 by toddfletcher
So. I still need answer to this, as this kind of an issue undermines the whole stability of CB_Subs as a valid community tool.

Also, in auditing all the accounts, I found another issue that is similar and equally as alarming.

I have an account in which a customer purchased a monthly auto-renewing subscription to, using paypal. Paypal created a subscription, charged her, but CB-Subs did not activate the account. I looked in the cbsubs_subscriptions table and the last_renewed_date is the same day the customer subscribed, but the expiry_date is the day before the renew date. I looked in the cbsubs_notifications table as there are two rows for this transaction, one (I think) is the paypal sub creation and the other is the first payment. Both are on the correct day and the statuses are VERIFIED.

So it seems cb_subs did everything except activate the subscription and update the expiry date. Why would this happen?
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