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7 years 4 months ago #200760 by wjgadmin
i would like to create a Free Trial module on my homepage to simply display a sign up now with name, email etc. i offer 5 different subscriptions but only want the free trial on my home page so people can easily sign up for the free trial offer. how can i accomplish this in the form of a module without displaying all of the subscriptions & to link this to the free trial subscription.
i use joomla 2.5, cb 1.8, cbsubs
7 years 4 months ago #200770 by pepperstreet
You can use the multi-purpose CBsubscription Module. It has different textareas and output sections, where you can show different things and messages to certain usertypes (i.e. guests, registered, subscribers etc.). Besides displaying plan infos and upgrades... you can display your own custom HTML. Each Plan has its special URL. Just copy paste your plan URL, and style it the way you want. Or just link to the register page...

(see also Cbsubs manual page 566+)
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