CBSubs License and Maintenance Periods

6 years 8 months ago #213191 by ortomedia
It is such a shame that Cb Subs uses ion cube loader and a complicated license process compared item competitors. I am looking at developing a site for a client with a large user base and high traffic volume and cbsubs would be the best option seeing as though the site is running CB 1.8.1 already.

However, we simply can't justify paying €295 for software that we can't edit if we need to. OSE and Akeeba provide some excellent subscription software with putty much the same features and the extra benefits of CbSubs can be Emily created in PHP and mySQL modifications. So why the hefty price and restrictions to customise? And only one site too!

So my options are:

Akeeba - free, well-written code.
OSE - cost but unlimited site license and no restriction on user numbers.
CBSubs - €295 to get unlimited users and ion cube which is just simply annoying.

Someone at Joomlapolis convince me why I need to purchase CbSubs...a compelling argument will swing it for us but at the moment Akeebe is the easy winner!


6 years 8 months ago #213192 by ortomedia
I should add that out of an expected 10000 users only around 500 are predicted to have subs. Yet we still have to pay for a license that covers 10000! Hmmm
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