[SOLVED] Filter unsubscribed users out of list?

9 years 5 months ago #138993 by msargent
I am wondering how to filter user's out of a CB List if they are unsubscribed or their subscription hasn't been activated yet.

I created a custom field called cb_subscriber that acts as a flag. It defaults to 0 on registration but when the subscription is activated its supposed to change to 1.

So then when this works I would filter subscriber = 1 in the cb list.

The problem is when the subscription is activated the variable still comes up in the user's profile as - when it should be 1.

Under My CB Subs Plan > Integrations > CB Fields I have the following settings:

Field 1
Field: Subscriber
Value: 1
Remove value on plan deactivation: Yes
Operator: Set: Field = Value

Under Field Management I created a Custom field with the following settings:

Type: Text Field
Tab: User Status
Name: cb_subscriber
Title: Subscriber
Pre-filled default value at registration only: 0
Required?: No
Show on Profile?: Yes: on 1 Line
Display field title in Profile?: Yes
Searchable in users-lists?: No
User Read Only?: No
Show at Registration?: No
Published: Yes
Size: 1
Max Length: 1
Minimum length: 0
Authorized Input: Any string ( /.*/)
Forbidden words at registration: http:,https:,mailto:,//.[url],<a,</a>,&#

Maybe I'm making this more difficult than it needs to be? Especially if an already existing field accessible in the cb list changes when user subscriptions are activated.

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9 years 5 months ago #139037 by krileon
Your setup looks fine and the fields value should change. The value WON'T change however if you're adding the users subscription from User Management. This is due to the original fields value overriding that of the value being set by CBSubs. It does this because the order of triggers, we're working to adjust this for next release. However CBSubs Import and user subscribing as normally will adjust the users value.

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9 years 5 months ago #139069 by msargent
HA... I realized the problem. I didn't have the Fields plugin published. I was confused because everything seemed to be set up perfectly. I overlooked one of the most simple errors I could make. I feel stupid now, lol. Anyways thank you for all your help! This issue is resolved.
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