Donation as part of Member Registration Process?

9 years 9 months ago #140482 by mmccormick
Client wants to add to all Member Plans a suggestion for donation from the registering member. This is the desired way it should work: As a user is registering with one of the main member plans (Member, Student or Life), the user would be prompted to make a donation with something simple like a Donation field (Yes, I would like to donate to XYZ org!) with suggested donation options and an open option.

Can this be done with CBSubs (how?)?

I have read many threads and the documentation and it sounds like I cannot do that AS PART OF the registration with a member plan. The problem with it being a separate option is that people will NOT go back through a second PayPal visit to make that second transaction.


9 years 9 months ago #140486 by nant
you can have a donation plan during the registration process just fine.

we have it on joomlapolis registration and it works.

what did you try?
9 years 9 months ago #140511 by mmccormick
I was just researching it (reading forums and docs) and had not started to implement. How would I add it to an existing plan? Is it a field or??

I want them to input all their reg. info and check any donation amount and then, when they click to Register, be directed to PayPal, which shows the Membership Fee and Donation broken out. Possible? If so I appreciate any direction.

I could only find how to set up a separate Donation Plan in the Doc.

FOLLOWUP -- Looking at your Registration separate plan looks to be the only way -- the donation request cannot be WITHIN the Member Plan? That is, user must choose Member Plan and Donation at the same time?

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9 years 9 months ago #140559 by krileon

the donation request cannot be WITHIN the Member Plan?


That is, user must choose Member Plan and Donation at the same time?


Donations are a plan that must be created within CBSubs and the user must themselves select and purchase. You could check it as Default however and it'll automatically be selected at registration (assuming you've it set as non-Exclusive).

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8 years 8 months ago #178668 by mmccormick
Still trying to set this up because...

I have the Donation Plan on its own, and it shows on the Subscriptions tab - but there seems to be no way to donate and renew in ONE payment.

When someone goes to Renew it shows a BUTTON to renew (when clicked takes you to Paypal) and the checked donation is not included when you click Renew (you get just the renewal fee).

How can the plans be setup so that they tally for first registration AND renewals?
8 years 6 months ago #183316 by dragonflyit
We are having a similar problem with subscriptions and merchandise being split into multiple payments. Did you get anywhere on this with subscriptions and donations in a single payment?
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