Restrict SOBI2 access based on CB Plans

9 years 6 months ago #156351 by RoCoART
Hi there.
I'm trying to find a way to restrict access to SOBI2 adds, based on subscription plans.
Basically I have 2 plans: free and paid.
The SOBI2 adds are listed on the main page in a V-card format.
I would like to give access to the details view of the adds only to those who paid the subscription.
So I have to extract the proper info from CB, add it to the V-card and that should solve the problem. I found a solution on SOBI forum but I'm stuck.
To extract data from from CB I used this:
function Load_CBfield($fieldname) {
  $database =& $config->getDb();
  $user =& JFactory::getUser();
  $userId = $user->get( 'id' );
  $sql = "SELECT ($fieldname) FROM #__comprofiler WHERE id= {$userId}";
  $database->setQuery( $sql );
  echo $database->loadResult();
and tried to use this:
$type = Load_CBfield("cb_membership");
if ($type == "paid") echo $title;
else echo $mySobi->title;
where I wanted to be the link that give access based on the plans I have.
But I get a Fatal error and nothing else. I'm not a php developer so I don't have a clue on how to solve this.
Could anyone help on this?
Thank you


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9 years 6 months ago #156814 by krileon
Replied by krileon on topic Re: Restrict SOBI2 access based on CB Plans
Please see the below tutorials on how to properly retrieve CB information. Direct database usage is not recommend, it ignores configuration and privacy settings (if using CB Privacy for instance).

Load CB API Externally:

Prepare $user Object:

Obtain User Field:

If you do not want to do this then please see the below fixing to your function.
function Load_CBfield( $field ) {
  $database	=&	$config->getDb();
  $user		=&	JFactory::getUser();
  $user_id	=	$user->get( 'id' );
  $sql		=	"SELECT `" . $field . "` FROM `#__comprofiler` WHERE `id` = " . (int) $user_id;
  $database->setQuery( $sql );
  return $database->loadResult();

I did not test the above. To debug ensure you have debug mode enabled and maximum error reporting set within Joomla global configuration. If new to PHP please see the below tutorial to get started in learning.

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