Upgrading but not extending original date

7 years 11 months ago #175938 by sorozco

I need to have these plans:

1. Base plan with access to 5 categories for one year. price: $50
2. Plan B: upgrade that includes all from base plan plus another 5 categories. Only should be used as an upgrade from base plan. upgrade price from base plan: $20
3. Plan C: upgrade that includes all from Plan B plus another 5 categories. Only should be used as an upgrade from plan B. Upgrade price from plan B: $20

Plan B and C should not extend the original duration of Base plan. And they should cost a fixed price of $20 each one.

No matter what upgrades a customer buy, it should not extend the one year original duration of base plan.

Is this use case possible with CBSubs?


7 years 8 months ago #185610 by krileon

Is this use case possible with CBSubs?

Yes, upgrading from Plan A to Plan B changes the subscription and does not extend the previous subscription. You could have Plan B and Plan C child plans of Plan A with a price of $20, non-exclusive, and be lifetime. If I understand your needs correctly that would give what you're wanting.

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7 years 8 months ago - 7 years 8 months ago #185730 by sorozco
Hi Krileon, it has been a long time. But thank you for answering it. I will try to be more precise:

I have an user that is registered to Plan A since 3 months ago, it means that he has 9 months left to his plan. At this moment he decides to upgrade to plan B. I need him to pay the 20 dollars for upgrading to plan B, but to keep the same 9 months left when he upgrades.

In another scenario, if he decides to upgrade to plan B when he had 2 months left from the original plan A, I would need him to keep the same 2 months originally left when upgrading to plan B.

Those scenarios are covered?

What time does the upgrade have to be programmed, since they don't determine the time that the user will keep their subscription. The original plan (A) will be the plan that determines the subscription duration, and it has not to be altered/modified by any upgrades to plan B.

I suppose that it means that Plan B should not have any duration specified, because is Plan A the one that specifies that.
7 years 8 months ago #185736 by nant
A do not think those scenarios are currently supported.

What currently is possible is that if a user subscribes to plan B while actively subscribed to Plan A (and both plans A and B are mutually exclusive), then CBSubs will calculate the residual (left over) value of the existing subscription (configurable parameter) and subtract it from regulare plan B subscription cost. But plan B duration remains as is (just the price is discounted).
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