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9 years 1 month ago - 9 years 1 month ago #185213 by tbream
In the CBSubs manual, discussion about the Access Tab for plan configuration is missing details on the 'Allow access from site frontend' option.

At this point I have a specific question to confirm the behavior of the two alternatives for this option. They are:

> No: this plan is not visible in site, only in admin backend
> Yes: this plan is visible on the site (recommended)

My question is this. When the option is set to "No: this plan is not visible in site, only in admin backend", is that true only until the point that the underlying plan as been activated?

For example, if I have Plan Y that has the "No" setting for this option, and it is only visible on the backend - if I activate it from the backend manually for a user - once activated, will that user be able to see that they now have that plan when they look at their subscriptions tab from the frontend?

If not, what is the proper way to achieve this use cae alternative. To have a plan not visible on the front end until it has been manually activated by an admin on the backend, but once activated, would be visible as one of the active plans by the affected user on his/her subscriptions tab on the front-end?

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9 years 1 month ago #185226 by nant
Yes, once such a subscription is activate for a user via backend, then the user will see it in frontend.

Simple test can be done to verify this.

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