SQL Actions versus CB Fields on plan Renewal

10 years 6 months ago #181393 by seaforth
I am setting up a plan where every month members whose subscription renews automatically get $30 in dues to use toward the following months purchases. I created the field 'cb_duesavailable' in CB which I would like to be set to '30.00' on the first of each month upon successful plan renewal, or set to '0.00' if the plan expires or is cancelled.

It appears CB Fields only work for plan activation/deactivation and cannot act upon plane renewal. Therefore I tried SQL Actions with the following:

UPDATE '#__comprofiler' SET 'cb_duesavailable'=30.00 WHERE 'user_id'=[user_id];

However, on every renewal, the SQL action does not fire. Is there thought of adding CB Fields events for Renewal, instead of just activation/deactivation?


MySQL: 5.1.50
PHP: 5.2.17
Joomla: 1.6.3
CBSubs: 1.2.2

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