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Yes, please contact me directly. My company is . We are going to be implementing this coming week.

We're going to go ahead and try doing the YellowPay => ACH Direct hijack that I spoke about earlier in the thread.

If we get it working (maybe by Wednesday or at latest, end of week) I will post a full write up of how it's done and all the code required here.

My only concern is, not knowing the release date of the official CB Subs gateway, I don't know if I'm investing hours when there will be a better solution only days later.
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Indeed. That is a major issue. And the Law of Sod dictates that if you spend the time the solution will be provided almost immediately after you complete your hack whereas if you do not (as is my case) you will be left waiting for a long time.

No communication from the suppliers (even though you are actually paying for the development by buying the product) means that you are left with no way of actually making that decision.

I do understand from their point of view, in a way. If you do not issue a release date you cannot, technically, break that deadline. And in our industry broken deadlines are more the norm than the one would prefer.

But, if you give a deadline you are more likely to at least attempt to reach it, and customers may be more likely to buy the product, or at least put it in their planning. Yes, if you miss the deadline the customers are going to be pissed off, but that is what makes you hit and plan your reachable deadline, no?

I am sitting on the sidelines watching this hijack hack. I do not have the important site on a dedicated server at the moment, but it might be worth the move if it works...

If CB released the code for their gateway pages (not their main scripts) we wouldn't need to be doing this, and their script would be extended by their community.

Maybe, even released it for a payment above and beyond the original subs, I would at least consider it
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So, the new version of CB has been released.

Do we get our promised CBSubs Gateway API yet?
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DreamRaven wrote:

So, the new version of CB has been released.

Do we get our promised CBSubs Gateway API yet?

Yes, with release of CBSubs 1.1 the API will be available. This however does not mean the API documentation will be completely ready as we're discussing releasing an RC so users do not have to wait much further.

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Yes, we have been told that it will be present in the 1.1 of CBSubs, but that has not been released (the box on the upper left of this page says CBSubs 1.0.3 released! [woo hoo, since when?! ages ago])

And we still haven't been given a date of its release.

And still you are 'discussing' an RC so that we don't have to wait any further?

I appreciate documentation is a requirement, but I know that there are people on this forum who would like to get their hands on it, try it out, see what they can't figure out, and if necessary, ask questions.

RELEASE IT! please?
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Any chance of any kind of release any time soon?
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