9 years 10 months ago #116839 by lisamrussell
I posted before and got a curt answer from moderator that this was not a CBSUBS issue...yes it is.

Members who have a subscription get redirected to this page and for NO REASON. I have worked for 2 days trying to figure it out.


I had a member who did not have a SUBSCRIPTION designation in CB SUBS then I gave him a subscription level. He could log in before I gave him a subscription level, but after he got this crazy redirection.


I have changed the redirection after log in to their profile page but it still goes to this crazy redirection link


I paid for CBSUBS because I needed the support. Can I please get some???????????:S

Lisa M. Russell
9 years 10 months ago #116842 by nant
Well, taking a look at the url you posted:


Well, as you can see its malformed (big time). CBSubs DOES NOT DO THIS.

Also, it looks like you have K2 installed (com_k2). I don't know if this is part of the problem or not - sorry no experience with K2 at all. Could be some K2 plugin doing the redirection - again most likely not CB or CBSubs related.

So, at this point I also agree that this is most likely not a CBSubs issue.

Please investigate further if this k2 component has something to do with this crazy redirection and if so report back.

If you need paid support (someone to do this debugging for you), then PM me and I will quote you an hourly rate. If the issue is in fact CBSubs related (seriously doubt it but I do not want to appear curt), then you will be refunded.
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