Why ioncube? Why the extra step?

11 years 1 month ago #123204 by M4MO
Why ioncube? Why the extra step? was created by M4MO
I am highly irritated that I have to go through the extra step of trying to configure ionCube on my server. I think this is a very poor solution and bad design on the part of your software team.

I have yet to run across another Joomla plugin that requires me to do something like this. I can't get it to work. Can't get CB Subs to work. I am incredibly disappointed that THIS was your solution.

You should have integrated this into your software somehow. So bad of you.:(

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11 years 1 month ago #123207 by krileon
Replied by krileon on topic Re:Why ioncube? Why the extra step?
Numerous threads informing of the usage of ionCube as well as information pertaining as to what could be wrong and how to properly enable ionCube. :huh:





The usage of ionCube is for protection of the user and code. CBSubs handles various payment data and for better security has been encoded to prevent any form of tampering which could result in a massive security vulnerability. In an instance of if your site was compromised they could modify CBSubs to their needs and cause you much financial distress. The encoding protects against any sort of negative tampering. The side affect is of course it's encoded. :)

This is simply a requirement of CBSubs and is unavoidable. You should contact your host for proper assistance in setting up ionCube as it is specific to each host. The above links will provide you with this information as well as where to obtain the loaders. If you continue to have issues and your host is unable to assist in this matter then please PM your hosting panel access, joomla backend access, and ftp access. ;)

Nearly all commercial extensions have been encoded if not with ionCube then at least with base64. IonCube is a trusted and respected encoding software. B)

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11 years 3 weeks ago #124257 by inbta
Replied by inbta on topic Re:Why ioncube? Why the extra step?
This is actually VERY easy to set up. I would be happy to set it up for free for you. I actually appreciate the use of IONCUBE. I was irritated at first about it, but then as I read more about it, I understand why they use it. It literally only took a few minutes to install it and has not hindered me at all. As with many things computers and especially software, when it does not work right away, then as time goes by trying to get it to work one can get highly irate. I know I have been there.

One thing i can say. If you are not using a solid hosting service, there might be issues. I use goDaddy and there were absolutely no issues! ;-)

I am a Joomla web developer and am happy to assist you if you so desire.


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