Task Badge System for Profiles

10 years 1 month ago #131598 by Odublar
I am not sure where to ask this, so I will ask here. I thought I found a badge system but it was for something totally different.

My idea is from MMORPGs but has nothing to do with them. Basically, for completing certain tasks, a member is awarded a 'Badge' that displays in a 'Badge List' in their profile. It would work like this. Say for the JAnswers plugin. If a user gives over 50+ answers to the database, a badge will display after obtaining a certain amount (in this case, over 50). So basically, it would just pull from the database this information and only display if the user has done this. If not, it will not.

Anybody know what I mean? Is their something out already?

10 years 1 month ago #131664 by Odublar
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