cannot get cbsubs to work

11 years 4 days ago #100064 by beat
scallypoker wrote:

Have been in contact with them and they have put a phpinfo file into that directory and it is showing that I have 48mb. I have now tried to go up to 64mb and it is showing. Am not getting the memory error anymore but am still getting blank pages for all cb pages but the joomla ones are ok.

If anyone wants to have a look about then let me know. Am I the only one having this problem?

Nope, blank pages can happen and mean suppressed display of fatal errors: We got a FAQ for blank pages:

in our FAQ section (top menu):

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11 years 3 days ago #100114 by wendyj
I don't know if this will help your issue, but we had a similar problem and worked with our hosting company to resolve it. They poked around our php.ini and ended up commenting the and cbsubs now works as expected. Also, we have our mem set at 128, which is unnecessarily high, but better to have too much than too little I suppose.

11 years 3 days ago #100128 by scallypoker

I spent ALL night and ALL today working on this determined not to be beated by it and have finally narrowed it down to a problem with the 'Community Template' don't ask me what it was as I couldn't tell you. I went right back to basics on another domain and started the install from scratch comparing it to my current install as I went making sure they were the same and all the settings were the same and it was a template issue for some reason. !*%3!!!!!

I have a site that works with CBsubs and now am off to BED! Knackered byt happy!
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