Need help about CB Paid Subscriptions

10 years 2 months ago #99439 by cdfisherman
Got 2 more questions.

Here is my setting process:

CB Paid Subscriptions: General plugin settings -> Global->Show subscription plans at registration: YES

Then i could see all plans on my registration page. And I select all plans.
Q1: Then go back to main page. It would show all plan I've selected with "Pay Now". then i click ONE of "Pay now". It shows you the list and I can pay now it adds all of the items to the order not just the one I click on I cannot remove the ones I don't want and by default it adds all of them.

How can I just pay the one I click on, but not ALL?

Q2: when i create profile i type info in City, State, etc, then when the page goes to invoice page these info are blank except user name

I've no idea why they are blank?

Any advice?

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