10 years 3 months ago #104570 by travelbeckons
Hi Nick/Beat

I'm inquiring If it's possible to integrate the CB Subs with a PPC Sbscription rather than time period?

One of the subscriptions on my site is a URL Link subscription.

The feedback i have had is that they do not want to pay for this on a time period but on a PPC basis. Can this be done?

Best Regards

10 years 3 months ago #104575 by nant
if PPC means pay per call, then I would need more information about the entire use case.

out of the box, i would have to say no - CBSubs is not an events based post-pay billing system.
10 years 3 months ago #104638 by travelbeckons
Hi Nick

Thanks for getting back to me.

I have 3 types of subscriptions that have different access levels and functionality.

1 of those subscriptions is a URL subscription. This is all set up and running on a 12 month plan. Users pay for a subscription on my site that links their site to mine.

I can measure how many times their URL link has been activated and wish to incorporate this into their subscription.

Best Regards

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