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10 years 2 months ago #106149 by cpreston
I had to search for a forum post to find the upgrade docs. Their should be a readme in the zip file (at a minimum) and it should be covered in the PDF doc. I also think that since this is a commercial plugin, the doc should be included in the "unzip me 1st" file.

Also, I was not able to just reinstall all of the plugins. I had to uninstall and reinstall planimage, folder access, and tabsfieldprotect to get it to work.
10 years 4 weeks ago #111351 by SCLRWeb
Where did you find them?

If I run the upgrade by deleting the old 1.0.1 does this delete all my settings?

I completely agree the upgrade docs not there and should be included / mentioned in main docs...
(I will admit - I don't look hard enough though!)

Where did you find them?


In the Update Announcement...(makes sense)
Sorry but just can't seem to go to the right places...

Great work guys!...

Is there a way to disable SSL temporarily for testing on the server... don't have ssl support on my dev box?

Found the SSL Answer as well... You guys rock... wow... feeling a bit better!!

CB-Subs main plg > Settings > CC Tab > bottom drop down > insecure mode test only

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10 years 4 weeks ago #111387 by nant
CBSubs 1.0.3 documentation now has an Upgrade chapter in it.
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