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10 years 4 months ago #110651 by cellington
I'm reading the CBSubs docs and for the most part, I'm loving them. They've been very helpful in resolving the vast majority of my questions.

There is, however, a recurring issue I am raising here because I was encouraged to do so. I'm told that the Joomlapolis crowd actively seeks constructive feedback.

I'll use a very simple example here, just to illustrate the point. On a yes/no parameter, many times one can know the impacts, or quickly test the results.

I raise this as an issue NOT about the example given, but rather to open a discussion about the concept of describing field-use and parameters. I'll leave it to you to imagine what might happen on a more complex (or sensitive) parameter.

Page 129:
Parameter: selected by default: initial value: ‘No’
This ‘Yes/No’ drop-down field parameter is used to specify if this plan is to be selected by default.

That explanation is simply a longer repetition of the parameter itself. The phrase "by default" can have different meanings in different contexts. It leaves one wondering:

Selected by default by whom? Where? Selected by CBSubs to display on the page? Selected by the browser? Selected by the user? Why does this parameter matter - what does it do? How many "default" plans can I display? just one? multiples? if multiples, is there a limit?

What I'm looking for in documentation are the decision-making criteria for setting this parameter (and others) one way or the other. How do I know whether to set this to yes or to no?

Tell me here:

"This plan will be included among those automatically displayed ("by default") on the registration page. Multiple plans (up to 12) may be shown and you'll use the xyz parameter to put them in order (see page xxx for information on the xyz parameter)."

or tell me:

"One plan will be automatically marked as the "selected" option (the radio button will be filled for this plan and no others) when a visitor comes to the registration page. This "default plan" is what the visitor will join, unless that visitor specifically selects a different plan (by clicking into the radio button for another plan). Only one plan can be the default selection, so choose wisely."

This would help me know how to decide, or at least what happens, when I make various decisions about the parameter.
10 years 4 months ago #110726 by nant
Excellent points - thank you for your feedback.

We have already started adding similar topics in various places in the documentation (you will notice many sections titled - why would i need this, etc) and will continue doing so.

This is a never ending process.

I am still finding many applicable use cases for both CB and CBSubs. There are way too many features and functions that can be combined and manipulated to accomplish almost anything.

For example, did you know that you can use a CB delimiter field to allow users to have a youtube video playlist in their profile? --> just an example i discovered last month.

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9 years 10 months ago #127373 by DreamRaven
I didn't know about the YouTube playlist, or how to do it. I still cannot find out what a CB delimiter field does and how to do it.

Now I know about the YouTube playlist, but am still in the dark about how to do it, as an example of the power of the CB delimiter field...

Is there a chance of enlightenment? :)

I am here looking for how to display to the user their current expiry date for subscription... I have searched the forums and not found the solution, but I am now going to add a forum entry... If you know the answer I would love to know it too!

9 years 10 months ago #127383 by krileon
There is no substitution currently available for expiration date (assuming for CBSubs), sorry. Thus you can not add something as such to a delimiter field.

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9 years 10 months ago #127393 by DreamRaven
But I cannot find out even what a 'delimiter' field is for and what it is supposed to do. I have read the articles, searched the forum (maybe I am not using the correct search term, but I guess that is what is expected when you know less than nothing about the subject. The first pages of a search for 'delimit' brings back responses talking about doing stuff, but no explanation of what it actually is). I have read the documentation but the statement:

"This field is actually a constant html field. It is not used to solicit any information. Its purpose is to allow the CB administrator to specify some kind of separator or delimiter before or after a group of regular (non delimiter) fields. Since fields of this type gather no information from users, it has no need for a tool-tip. Thus the Description “I” field-tip: text or HTML parameter is used to provide the actual HTML code used to provide the field delimiter. E.g., if we define a Fields delimiter type field and place the HTML code <hr> in the field’s Description “I” field-tip: text or HTML parameter, we will get a horizontal line displayed."

Doesn't highlight to me what it does... An example might!

I originally thought it was for splitting fields in the profile display with some HTML entity, but couldn't make it do anything useful and your mention of a YouTube playlist confused me further...

In your previous post you enlighten us viewers with the fact that you CAN do a YouTube playlist, but not HOW to... which leaves us know nothings somewhat stumped! Is it possible to lay down the steps? Doing that might explain to me what a delimiter field does...


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