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9 years 9 months ago #130861 by madameserenity
Your program is awsome as far as I can tell.. A great idea... But I paid for the program and then paid for the extra documentation none of which has any real information on how to make the program work. And posting in your forum brings no results..

In order to work this program, to figure out the different parts of it one has to spend hours and hours on every little detail... breaking there own website and having to refix it over and over again...

So my suggestion to make the documentation better is to explain the program to us.. Every tiny detail..

In the mean time can you explain why I am not receiving answers to my posts? Is there something Im doing wrong there? Am I to expect others who dont know what there doing to answer my post or is there a tech support that answers the posts?

Right now Im attempting to refine my memberships... Attempting to allow paid members access to things non paid members have no access to.. like items on there profile pages etc... where is the documentation on the paid subs fields?

thank you
9 years 9 months ago #130866 by nant
Hi Stephanie.

We are improving documentation all the time.

Perhaps you can tell me what exactly is the problem you have?
9 years 8 months ago #131555 by madameserenity
I have 4 other websites that I plan to use CB on, when depends on how fast I can get them up on the web and ofcource if I am still atleast partly sane after creating my current website :)

Im trying to learn each peice of this program.. I have been playing with CB for several weeks now and have managed to figure out most of what it does and how to make it work.. the one field I cannot figure out is in the cb paid subscription plan - cb field.

what does this do exactly: CB fields changing on plan activation and deactivation

Please tell me what each of these fields are for exactly and how I would use them. How do I come up with a value? how do I decide which operator to choose.
remove on plan deactivation

I have had to create programs in the past for others to use, when I create documenation I try to imagine myself teaching the program to a room full of 10 year old children and then I come up with my 3 basic elements

What (what does it do)
Why (or purpose)
how (how to make it work step by step)

9 years 8 months ago #131561 by nant
Hi Steph,

FYI - we have recently started a weekly CBSubs online presentation. Tomorrow actually we have the second session - you are welcome to join by visiting this site:

and enrolling (just need to submit your email).

Regarding the CB Field - CBSubs integration, I will take a closer look at the examples and explanations already included in the documentation and see if I can further improve.

The concept is that YOU must decide what extra information you need to track in CB profiles that depend on CBSubs plan subscriptions.

One example (which I believe is included and explained in the documentation) is to set the value of a CB Field based on the active CBSubs plan. This way you can use the CB field to filter off of it in order to create a CB Userlist that contains all active members of the plan.

The CB field can be an integer field, a checkbox field (y/n) or even a text field.

You would use the CBSubs integration to assign a value to this field when a user subscribes to a CBSubs plan and remove it when the user's CBSubs plan subscription expires. This method is used in our CBSubs demo site to produce two CB Userlists - a free weekly plan members list and a paid daily plan members list .

I can even show you the backend of the demosite if you attend the online presentation.
9 years 6 months ago #138013 by bulcanan
Intelligent questions/rant. Steph, thanks for asking some of the very questions I had and thanks Nick for the reply..I read and learn documentations verbatim but I couldn't find a quick go on this one. One area that confused me was on the subscription/registration. I still wonder why one has to do the registration (based on the CB Field Manager) later to be confronted with this info;(by the way with empty fields on the invoice)

Invoicing address
This is your invoicing address:
First Name:
Last Name:
VAT number:

is there or could there be a simple way of integrating/merging/whatever you call, the above fields in the registration process? Perhaps like putting those on the predefined type and letting one add anyother fields or the registration (using CB Field Manager)as they see fit?

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9 years 6 months ago #138168 by krileon

is there or could there be a simple way of integrating/merging/whatever you call, the above fields in the registration process? Perhaps like putting those on the predefined type and letting one add anyother fields or the registration (using CB Field Manager)as they see fit?

To an extent, yes this is doable. Within Field Management create those such fields. Then within CBSubs > Settings > Display > Invoices you can select what CB fields you want to synchronize as invoice fields.

Kyle (Krileon)
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