CBSubs Manual 1.2.2,

8 years 5 months ago #171184 by tbream
Great job on what is an extremely comprehensive manual.

Although we've been able to intuitively figure it out, your discussion in breaks off before covering Output results to cron url, Email addresses to email auto-payments results, and PCI-DSS settings.
8 years 5 months ago #171212 by nant
Yup - missed those new parms.

#2690 - will be added to next doc version.

Is there anything specific you need explained?
8 years 5 months ago #171215 by tbream
Nant - No, nothing specific that I need explained. We've been using CBSubs since the beginning, and we are just doing a meticulous review of the manual and our configuration during this upgrade go-around. The comment on this section is simply an effort to hellp make an already excellent piece of documentation even better.
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