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10 years 10 months ago #104866 by delliott
This is really proving to be a lot harder to integrate than the documentation would suggest!

Now, the problem I have is this scenario:

1. I set up a donation plan to have a few menu items restricted (only visible via this plan)

2. I copied the plan to make a child plan

3. On the child plan, I removed the content restriction

4. I signed up on the parent plan -- and I cannot see the content that is supposed to be revealed once I am paid and login.

5. I looked in the database and the child plan still had the restriction on the content menu items.

6. I manually removed that from the db, (I mimicked what it should look like for a fresh plan with no restrictions)

7. I still can't see the content logged in a subscriber to the parent plan!!!!

It seems as tho' CB Subs is now stuck in some loop of restricting that content to any subscriber of my parent or child plans. This seems to be a bug.

Joomla 1.5.9
CB 1.2.1
CBSubs 1.0.1

I need to know how to fix this. I've already gone thru a complete reinstall 1x because of my last post with the email checker and password checker not working right. I would really like to not have to do that again.

Please advise how to fix this situation.
10 years 10 months ago #104876 by beat
Sorry to ask, but it looks very much like you accessed the database directly ?

can you detail your "6." ?

why not do it in edit plan in backend ?

CBSubs is a beast, and manipulating the database is at your own risk, as it might break consistance, and behavior of CBSubs...

Without manipulating database, works fine here...

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10 years 10 months ago #104895 by delliott
I tried it many many times before looking at what was actually in the field in the database. This appears to be a bug...removing the content menu options chosen to be restricted does not remove it off the database entry that documents it. You can see it at work on my website, I'll give you access to look if you'd like. It is truly not working--I am an experienced joomla administrator and developer in general...this really looks like a bug by the manner in which the code is behaving.
10 years 10 months ago #104897 by delliott
let me be sure I am clear here with what I did... I tried to use the backend first many many times and it did not make a difference. When I could see that regardless of what what shown in the backend as restrictions and yet the content was still be restricted I knew it had to still be set somewhere in the db. So, I went to the db to look to see what was different between a new dummy plan with no restrictions and the ones I was trying to edit.

I then made my parent and child one look like the dummy one I created in just 1 field. That still did not fix it. So, there are 2 levels of this not working:

1. the backend admin panel does not reset the content restriction regardless of what it says. It seems to restrict it 1x for all time.

2. editing the db didn't help either...didn't change a thing
10 years 10 months ago #104898 by krileon
To clarify:

You have 1 parent subscription ( herein called Plan A ) and 1 child subscription for the parent ( herein called Plan B ).

You subscribed to Plan A to gain access to restricted content from Plan A, correct? Yet you do not have access?

Parent and children plans are meant to work together. If you restrict something with a parent, I do believe the restrictions extend to the child. The child can be used to further customize the parent. The way you're wanting it you need 2 desperate plans; both being parents.

I'm just confused on what you're trying to do; please clarify for further assistance.

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10 years 10 months ago #104901 by delliott
Originally I had:

1 parent, with a child plan
A conference registration (parent) with the option to add spouse registration(child).

Child initially copied from Parent plan (in the backend)

CHild plan then modified to not have the restrictions (in the backend ) that the parent had

Parent plan subscribed access to what hte parent plan was supposed to allow access to.


I made the child plan not be a child of the parent but rather no parent-- in the backend again.

Dropped my users and resubscribed to the original parent plan (which is no longer a parent but it's own plan).

Still no access to the restricted content.

At this point, I started looking in the db to see what the exact documented settings were.

I'd be happy to give admin access to my site so you can see this for yourselves. I'd prefer to email the credentials to you rather than post in here.
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