Can't get field to un-hide on registration

10 years 4 months ago #105357 by pjohnson
I have a field that is not supposed to be protected from view by CB Subs (1.0.1) at all. But it is hidden on the registration screen unless you choose the subscription upgrade. There were text flags in the database (the Options field?) indicating CB Subs protection and CB Privacy settings for the field, neither of which should apply.

I found the field number is being loaded in the Javascript generated at the top of the page:

[code:1]var cbpayHideFields = new Array();
cbpayHideFields[2] = [];
cbpayHideFields[1] = [61];

[/code:1]How can I clear this? I have manually edited the cb field options string in the database, but it did not make a difference. Something got out of sync.

10 years 4 months ago #105358 by Rapunzl
What variables are set in your CBSubs plan setup?

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10 years 4 months ago #105367 by pjohnson
OOPS. I guess that selecting the field in the list that says "Hide on registration" might have something to do with it.


Thanks very much.
10 years 4 months ago #105406 by krileon
Correct, selecting fields in that option will hide them upon selecting that plan.

Please read the manual carefully. It was written by our dedicated documentation associate and he worked very hard on it to provide you with loads of information. So be sure to give it a skim through at the least. ;)

Kyle (Krileon)
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10 years 4 months ago #105423 by pjohnson
My apologies.

I did read the manual, and appreciate the effort and talent that went into its creation.

I just forget stuff.

May I suggest that on the Field definition page, in the CB Subs settings, show a list of the plans hiding this field?

It would be a big help to the memory-challenged.


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