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9 years 7 months ago - 9 years 7 months ago #232262 by TecHKnowuk
CB Template with jumping links was created by TecHKnowuk
First of all I apologise, I think I have this post in the wrong category and I dont want to cross post. So I hope you can forgive my foggy sunday morning brain.

I have a strange problem with your CB template which I recently purchased. This is difficult to explain and more easily described if you visit my website at www.techknow.org.uk and try to run your cursor over the breadcrumbs "home" icon. You will see that the link jumps to the right. In any event, i have attached a screenshot

The problem is NOT restricted just to this one instance. In fact I notice throughout the site several edit icon links do the same thing. This is frustrating and would be appreciative if we can get some technical advice on how to resolve this problem.

Thanks for your help

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