Flexistrap: Need a little help please

4 years 6 months ago - 4 years 6 months ago #274543 by Satchi

I bought flexistrap a while back but never could get it working well.

After fighting with non CB specific templates, I'm having another try at one made and bought specifically for CB.

A few issues.

1. Fixed vs Flexible

I would like to use flexible at a % and see no settings.
If that is not possible, Fixed but again, with a fixed % or px for the side bars. I don't want my small side menu items expanding to 30+% of screen when the main content is smaller. It looks terrible.

I am guessing, this will require me to go edit template files. Which leaves me asking 'which ones exactly'? I am many things, but a template designer, I'm not. That's why I bought it.

Other questions:

Outdated documentation. Will you update this so the people who buy the template won't get frustrated?

It said to install a plugin. (under CB) and obviously, when I followed directions it blew up.

For anyone else: CB 2.0 does not require (nor does it like!!) this added plug in so skip it.

So summary:

I need help making set sidebar sizes please.

I would like to know how to restrict 'flexible' size to a percentage or pixel amount.

Documentation is out of date. :whistle:

I am attaching an image to show where it expands on the side and leaves gapes of white space for no good reason.

Thank you,

4 years 6 months ago #274580 by Jacob
Hi Satchi,

You will need to edit the templates' index.php file.

Around line 292 you will find this line:

$maincol=8; $leftcol=4; $rightcol=4;

Change to:

$maincol=9; $leftcol=3; $rightcol=3;

Change line #47


.row-fluid .leftcol.span3 { margin-left:-74.5% }


.row-fluid .leftcol.span3 { margin-left:-100% }

Change line #51


.row-fluid .maincol.span8 { margin-left: 34% }


.row-fluid .maincol.span9 { margin-left: 25.5% }

If you have further issues, please post or PM me your site's URL.

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4 years 6 months ago #274593 by Satchi
Hello Jacob,

Thank you very much for such clear direction and for the time you took to reply. :)

That did fix the huge white space on the left side but it also removed all modules from the left side in position 7. I use that for who is online and login/logout as well as the notifications.

I use the top for menu, search and translation. Left for items mentioned above and right side for new blogs. The center area is activity streaming.

Is there a way to have position-7 without it having that huge white space gap as shown in the image yesterday?

My solution can't be to lose position-7 entirely. :)

I'm attaching a screenshot with my scribbles on it. It shows where p-7 and p-8 are normally. And you can see, I had to move the login module to the breadcrumbs which looks pretty bad. I want it back in the p-7 (position-7)

If there really is no solution, that's ok. I just need to know so I can decide what to do.

Thank you again. I do appreciate your help very much!!

4 years 5 months ago #274944 by Jacob
Every problem has a solution.

Are you able to PM me a link to your site? Easier for me to debug while looking at the code.

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4 years 5 months ago #274945 by Satchi
Hi Jacob,

I move really fast and have moved on to a different template already. (the plain bootstrap that protostar is built on... it's very versatile!)

Thank you anyhow and warm regards,

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