Display Member Profiles Create your own member listings Customize registration fields Manage and create your own user fields
  • Build your own community!
  • Simplify member registration
  • Let your members connect
  • Personalize profiles member lists
  • Scalable, reliable, robust
  • Hundreds of plugins available
  • It's free & open source - GPL
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CB 2.0.4

Latest Nightly Build

Joomla 3.x and 2.5.x!

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Community Builder Overview

Add Social networking to your own website, fast and easy with Joomlapolis Community Builder, 'CB'. CB, the most popular and comprehensive social networking solution gives you all the tools and usability needed to grow and maintain your website community. Let members search for other members, facilitate member interaction, they will want to keep coming back to your site. Extended member registration functions, profile image uploading, membership content creation, messaging, moderation, reporting and more! Open source, many plugins available and Joomla!TM version independent.

CB is the most widely used Joomla!TM community system.
And it's Free! Get premier social networking on your
website now! Download it now!

Community Builder Features

  • Works natively with all stable flavors of Joomla!TM and Mambo
  • Know your members with categorization, lists and reporting features
  • Encourage member interaction with member connect features (search, messaging, more!)
  • Enable members to create content on your website
  • Empower key members to be moderators, 'front-end' moderation available!
  • Fully translatable language options (front and back)
  • Create your own brand by integrating any CB commercially available template plugin
  • Additional add ons available
  • Scalable, reliable, robust, secure
  • Open source with GPL
  • And CB is free!

Download it now!

CB Documentation + 12 Add Ons

Available for Advanced and Professional Members

Get your community site up and running as quickly as possible! The CB Team is offering a detailed, complete and 'easy to reference, easy to understand' manual all about Community Builder.The manual's content is truly extensive with images,examples and detailed descriptions. All you need for your speedy site launch is included. The manual, which is available for advanced or professional members,includes are all updates for the duration of your membership.And as an advanced or professional member, you will receive advance access to CB release candidates.

That's not all! As a special 'thank you' for becoming an advanced or professional member,we will include at least 12 powerful add ons including FacebookTM and TwitterTM connect CB plugins .All this for a very reasonable fee (you won't believe how low) which helps support CBs open source nature and our support of it's community Subscribe now!

Documentation Features

  • Loaded with diagrams, screen captures and file contents
  • Expert tips, tricks, secrets with time saving 'how to's'
  • 12 Powerhouse, 'must have' add-ons (Check these out now!)
  • Free updates plus get early access to CB release candidates

You'll be amazed at all the CB functionality you didn't know existed!Subscribe now!

Community Builder Add Ons

CB Team Add Ons (Available for Advanced & Professional Memberships) Subscribe today!

  • CB Facebook Connect

    CB Facebook Con.. Allows members to login without registering

  • CB Twitter Connect

    CB Twitter ConnectTwitter members can login without registering

  • CB ProfileGallery

    CB ProfileGallery Image galleries can be added members' profiles

  • CB ProfileGallery Mod

    CB ProfileGallery ModShowcase community gallery items

  • CB ProfileBook

    CB ProfileBookGuestbook, blog and/or wall tabs can be added to profiles. Includes Latest Entries module

  • CB Ajax Text fieldtype

    CB Ajax Text fieldtypeIn-profile ajax text editing, awesome bubbles in 14 colors

  • CB Ajax File fieldtype

    CB Ajax File fieldtype File upoads with Ajax upload to user profile and/or at registration

  • CB Rating fieldtype

    CB Rating fieldtype Star ratings can be added to member profiles with Ajax stars-rating field

  • CB AutoWelcome plug

    CB AutoWelcome plugGreet for your new members with custom welcome messages

  • CB Captcha

    CB CaptchaKeep spambots away for good!

  • CB Content module

    CB Content moduleAdd profile information anywhere!

  • CB Privacy

    CB PrivacyExtensive privacy controls for members and administrator

  • CB Last Views

    CB Last Views Members can see the last profile viewed in a tab

  • CB Admin nav module

    CB Admin nav module Add profile information anywhere!

Joomla Extensions Directory

Browse through hundreds of Community Builder extensions available on the Joomla Extensions Directory

Community Builder Testimonials

Here's what actual Community Builder Joomla! users are saying about CB:

Community Builder is simply the very best thing ever created. I am becoming a subscriber to download the additional plugins they have. I recommend the cb system for all. This is much better than. other(s).

Incredible Component - Great Development Team! Community Builder and the team are a true Open Source GPL group. They offer commercial extensions (CBSubs) but the core component Community Builder is still FREE to download, use and modify and it works and works well with an array of features and customization that is remarkable.

First time user developing a family web site. Perfect component running smoothly. Thanks for the hard work.

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Community Builder Support

Please visit our Support area

We are here to help. All Joomlapolis visitors and members have access to our comprehensive list of FAQ’s, article library and Support Level 1 forums. We also offer more levels of support. Learn more on our Support.

1)Community Forum
2)Advanced Priority Forum
3)Professional Support Options