What am I working on?

Just another update as to what project I am focusing on at this time and future plans. I'm currently working on CB Connect 7.1.0 to bring you a couple new features but mostly new providers. Check out the details below!

Currently the focus for this releases is to get more providers in your hands. So far I've added Flickr and Vimeo. Next up is LINE and will also be reviewing Soundcloud. I'm certainly open to suggests as long as they meet the following criteria: They must be in English (it's all I know, sorry), must be oAuth 1, oAuth 2, or OpenID standardized, and must provide an API documentation. These requirements do mean that providers with country restrictions likely will not be implemented if I'm unable to register and test.

That's not all that's coming. There's some improvements to field mapping. Before if a provider gave a URL to an image it was just that a URL. Now if you map such a URL to an image field it'll properly upload the image. There's also some parsing behavior for date and datetime fields where the supplied value will attempt to be converted to SQL formatted and properly store it. This means birthday fields, etc.. should map fine to a date or datetime field now. There has also been improvements made to array based provider fields where sometimes a provide gives an array of information and couldn't be used before, but now it'll probably implode the array so it'll store |*| or comma delimitered based off the fieldtype (mutiselect and multicheckbox are |*| delimitered).

You can now also synchronize mapped fields only instead of causing the entire profile (username, etc..) to resync. The Welcome/Pending emails should properly contain clear text password when substituted in. Registration default values also will no longer be lost on prefilled usage. Check out the rest below as there's more to come!


After CB Connect 7.1.0 the plan is to focus on the long awaited CB Conditional rewrite to implement AND/OR conditioning. This will be a huge undertaking as the PHP and jQuery side of conditioning including the UX for configuring conditions has to all be redone. Migration code will be added to handle moving your conditions to the new usages. Please note "Conditional others" will be removed with those conditions migrated to "Conditional self". Also the tabs 1-5 will be removed with there only being 1 conditional per field/tab and will attempt to migrate those to OR usages.

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krileon replied the topic: #299335 3 years 8 months ago
CB Conditional 5.0.0 stable is officially released. It's recommended to install latest CB build as well. Migration for previous CB Conditional releases has been implemented (please ensure you've saved CB Conditional configuration at least once so it knows to migrate as it's too heavy to check every field on every install). Please note conditioning of a fields options has been completely removed; there will be no migration path for such usage. All conditional others usages will migrate into conditional self OR cases.
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krileon replied the topic: #299182 3 years 8 months ago
Ok, the final beta release is here. CB Conditional 5.0.0 Beta 3 is now available. Stable should be releasing early next week. Location has been moved to be per-condition instead of applying to all conditions on the tab or field. What this means for example is you can have an AND/OR case only apply to Profile Edit while having another apply only to Profile View, etc.. You'll be able to configure this using the below parameters.

By default they're collapsed to keep the UI clean. Check out the below to see how it looks and how to expand these parameters.

Once expanded you'll see the below.

I also recommend installing the latest CB build that should be available later today or tomorrow for some quality of life improvements to our repeat usage, which will help prevent the location params from resetting to No when adding a new condition (for the new condition, the existing conditions won't reset their values).

Note for migration to take affect it's checking if legacy plugin params exist. So be sure to save CB Conditional plugin params at least once to be sure migration takes affect.
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krileon replied the topic: #299125 3 years 8 months ago
CB Conditional 5.0.0 Beta 2 is officially released. Migration code is now implemented. If you intend to update a live site please do so on a clone first or at the very least have a full backup. I suggest anyone with a large amount of conditions clone their site, install beta 2, then recheck all their conditions against their live site to be sure everything is still working as close as possible to what it originally was.

I've made best effort to try and migrate everything as smoothly as possible, but some usecases simply do not exist anymore. Specifically conditional others are now migrated to conditional self usecases (on the fields that were being shown or hidden) and treated as OR cases on fields. Conditioning of a fields options has been completely removed. Condition param tabs 1 - 5 will be merged down and turned into AND cases. Please keep all of this in mind when upgrading.

You can download CB Conditional 5.0.0 Beta 2 by selecting it from the dropdown or directly on our Releases page below.


The final major feature for 5.0.0 will be the following.


Basically each condition will be able to apply to different locations. What this means is you could have an OR case where 1 condition applies to profile edit, 1 to registration, and 1 to both profile edit and registration. This should also solve the final issue with migration meaning the only conditions that can't migrate are option conditions since that functionality won't exist.

Please note there will be no migration between beta releases. Some changes are still planned for either Beta 3 or Stable as the next release. This is primarily for testing and feedback purposes.
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krileon replied the topic: #299041 3 years 8 months ago
Just an update on migration progress. It's coming along slowly. Tab conditions are migrating well. Field conditions are proving problematic and there's a few concerns regarding multiple conditions. For example if Condition 1 shows the field based off the value of X and Condition 2 hides the field based off a usergroup it's not possible to reverse the usergroup condition. In all other cases i'd just reverse the operator and the condition would be the same. So usergroup and view access level conditions may have some difficulties migrating if the tab or field is being conditioned multiples and only if the operator would have to reverse. This is because a tab or field can be conditioned to show or hide exclusively; you can't have a different mode per condition as we'd be back to square one with current conflict issues in 4.x and previous builds.

With that said hopefully everyone is liking the new UX for AND/OR conditioning available in 5.0.0-beta.1.
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krileon replied the topic: #298853 3 years 8 months ago
CB Conditional 5.0.0 Beta 1 is officially released. You can download it here .

Please note this is a Beta. It does not have migration code for previous CB Conditional releases. For this reason you can not upgrade an existing CB Conditional install and will have to uninstall CB Conditional before installing 5.0.0 if you wish to upgrade anyway. Please provide all testing feedback as new support topics in the support forums; do not post support messages here.
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shanenefdt replied the topic: #298648 3 years 9 months ago
This indeed is MOST welcome! I'm keen to explore more of the features of this already powerful extension!!
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krileon replied the topic: #298636 3 years 9 months ago
Alright! Tab conditions can now function for userlist search criteria and userlist view. This opens more options for conditioning entire groups of fields during search.

Also I'm considering releasing a Beta next week to get your feedback on the UX and usage of the new AND/OR conditions. It will NOT have migration though so it's purely for feedback and do not recommend installing on a site with existing conditions as it'd wipe out those conditions (which MAY still migrate in stable release). What does everyone think about having a beta of 5.0.0 next week?
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krileon replied the topic: #298617 3 years 9 months ago
Just another update. Everything seams to be progressing well. AND/OR usage is working for Tabs and Fields. The conditions are significantly more reliable and since there's only conditional self usecases now they no longer conflict so there's no more conflict headache to worry about. I believe the migration code would be the most difficult part of this rewrite. Anyway, once everything is working well I'll do an additional optimization pass to speed up the PHP side of things (jQuery side is already lightning fast).

A CB update will be needed for this release of CB Conditional as there were some bugs discovered in our repeat jQuery making it impossible to add AND/OR usages due to how the repeat updates input id and name (repeat usage is the Add OR Rows and Add AND Rows).

Again, conditional others will be going away and while there will be migration there's a tiny chance it could fail resulting in lost conditions so if you're using conditional others now I highly encourage switching to conditional self usages to minimize the risk.
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krileon replied the topic: #298538 3 years 9 months ago
Ok the rewrite process for CB Conditional has started. Its next release will be 5.0.0 containing AND/OR usage. Take a look at what the condition structure will look like in 5.0.0 below.

You'll notice each AND/OR case is its own repeat usage. There is no limit here. If you need to cover 20 different OR cases you can. For backwards compatibility Tabs 1 - 5 will just be converted to OR cases. I will do the best I can to make sure migration goes as smoothly as possible.

Please keep in mind the "Conditional others" usecase will be removed and I highly suggest adjusting your conditions accordingly to ensure the migration goes as smooth as possible. This does mean conditioning of a fields options will likely be gone and it's advised if you need to do that to use a Code Select or Query Select field with CB Core Fields Ajax usage of Update On for more reliable display of options based off criteria.

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