What am I working on?

Just another update as to what project I am focusing on at this time and future plans. I'm currently working on CB Connect 7.1.0 to bring you a couple new features but mostly new providers. Check out the details below!

Currently the focus for this releases is to get more providers in your hands. So far I've added Flickr and Vimeo. Next up is LINE and will also be reviewing Soundcloud. I'm certainly open to suggests as long as they meet the following criteria: They must be in English (it's all I know, sorry), must be oAuth 1, oAuth 2, or OpenID standardized, and must provide an API documentation. These requirements do mean that providers with country restrictions likely will not be implemented if I'm unable to register and test.

That's not all that's coming. There's some improvements to field mapping. Before if a provider gave a URL to an image it was just that a URL. Now if you map such a URL to an image field it'll properly upload the image. There's also some parsing behavior for date and datetime fields where the supplied value will attempt to be converted to SQL formatted and properly store it. This means birthday fields, etc.. should map fine to a date or datetime field now. There has also been improvements made to array based provider fields where sometimes a provide gives an array of information and couldn't be used before, but now it'll probably implode the array so it'll store |*| or comma delimitered based off the fieldtype (mutiselect and multicheckbox are |*| delimitered).

You can now also synchronize mapped fields only instead of causing the entire profile (username, etc..) to resync. The Welcome/Pending emails should properly contain clear text password when substituted in. Registration default values also will no longer be lost on prefilled usage. Check out the rest below as there's more to come!


After CB Connect 7.1.0 the plan is to focus on the long awaited CB Conditional rewrite to implement AND/OR conditioning. This will be a huge undertaking as the PHP and jQuery side of conditioning including the UX for configuring conditions has to all be redone. Migration code will be added to handle moving your conditions to the new usages. Please note "Conditional others" will be removed with those conditions migrated to "Conditional self". Also the tabs 1-5 will be removed with there only being 1 conditional per field/tab and will attempt to migrate those to OR usages.

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