CB Code Field 2.1.0

A new code field release is here with some features and some fixes. New usecases are now possible with a strict autocomplete feature for text fields and more! Check out the details below.

First up is the core Tags field can now also be a Code field using the new Code Tag field type. This will allow you to generate the pre-defined dropdown options of the tag field using PHP as you could with a Select field type for example.

You can now also set the Code Auto Complete to Strict on your text field types. This will cause the field to only accept a value returned by the auto complete.

The validation is client and server side so it can safely be used as a searchable select field alternative, which tends to be a lot more user friendly when it comes to large select fields.

You can also select additional fields to be sent to Code Validation and Code Autocomplete. This is helpful when you need to have the value of another field on the page if it's used in your code to determine what options should be available.

For a full change log please visit the below forge link.


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