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This release of query field brings some great new features like Query Tag field type Query Autocomplete for Text field type. Check out the details below.

Lets first start off with the same great features in CB Code Field 2.1.0 are also now in CB Query Field 6.1.0. This includes Query Tag field type, Query Autocomplete for Text field type (including the new Strict mode), Additional Fields for Query Validation. Check out the details in the below CB Code Field 2.1.0 blog post.

For exclusive new features in CB Query Field 6.1.0 the substitution parsing for query column data has been significantly improved. Previously you had no means of accessing for example JSON data inside of a column. The substitution would simply just output the JSON string. Now you can actually access the JSON data directly. Lets use the below for example.

SELECT `options`
FROM `#__options_table`
WHERE `user` = 1234

With the above lets for example assume `options` would give us the below JSON result.


Now to access this you'd use the below column substitutions in your query display parameters.



It's that easy! It doesn't stop there. What if your JSON contains an array of data? You can substitution those in too! Simply add the array index to the substitution beginning with 0 and you can navigate through your data easily. Example as follows.



For a full change log please visit the below forge link.

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