CB Reconfirm Email 4.1.0

This release of CB Reconfirm Email finally redesigns it to use library files. This allows it to load its features on-demand instead of always sitting in memory improving the efficiency of the plugin. A new great feature has also been implemented! Check out the details below.

Email changes now have a expiration timeframe. By default users have 1 week to confirm the email change, but this can be set to whatever you like (e.g. 1 day, 1 year, 5 hours, etc..). This is to prevent an email change sitting for too long unconfirmed. Take a look below.

Additionally how an email change is blocked has been improved. The email change will be blocked before the profile has been saved. Previously the email change would be blocked after profile had been saved by performing yet another profile save. Now with it blocking the change before save there is no longer a double-store during email changes, which improves the reliability of the plugin and other plugins acting on profile store.

Confirmation tokens also used to be dependent on the core cbactivation database column for a user. It no longer depends on this and uses entirely its own secure database column in the reconfirm emails database table. This prevents issues where a confirmation code could fail due to cbactivation column being cleared by another plugin or store behavior.

For a full list of changes please check out our forge below.


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