Community Builder 2.7

A new release has just landed with some great new improvements to push CB forward further into the future! Check out the details below.

First and foremost we've bumped our minimum system requirements. By doing this we can provide cleaner, faster, modern code to provide you with an even better Community Builder. Below are the new minimum system requirements.


  Minimum Recommended
Joomla 3.10 4.0
MySQL 5.6 8.0
PHP 7.4 8.0


This release also brings numerous PHP 8.1 compatibility fixes. It's possible a few have been missed, but we'll try to tackle any issues PHP 8.1 brings as swiftly as they're found! Joomla however is still patching some 8.1 issues so I don't recommend jumping straight to 8.1.

User imports in CB > User Management has been significantly improved to give a true registration process. It will now behave more like a frontend registration during import so all emails, password generation, etc.. processes behave as expected. There is also now an option to toggle off emails during import so you no longer have to toggle them off globally if you want to suppress import emails.

Now for the big one. Joomla 2.5 support has been officially discontinued. All Joomla 2.5 core code has been removed. If you're still on Joomla 2.5 I highly recommend upgrading to Joomla 3 now.

That's primarily it with a several bug fixes also being made. This releases primary goal was to officially bump our minimum requirements so we can move forward with better implementations. For a full list of changes check out our change log below.

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