CB Content Module 4.0.0

A new major release for CB Content Module is here with some amazing new improvements. Timed Content has gotten a massive improvement to its functionality along with the module now being standalone. Check out the details below!

First up is a major overhaul of the module has been done. All of its code has been improved to latest standards and now requires a minimum of PHP 7.4 and a minimum of Joomla 3.10. In addition to this CB Content Module no longer requires Community Builder! Yup, you read that right! It now works without CB. If CB is not installed substitutions will be turned off and the rest of the module will continue to function as normally and this includes being able to use timed content! If CB is installed then you get to continue to use substitutions as normally.

The main textarea for module content AND timed content textareas have now been WYSIWYG enabled. This will make it a lot easier to supply your HTML or use custom replacer buttons for drop-in content plugin usage. You will now be greeted with the below while editing your CB Content Modules.

Next up is a massive improvement to timed content. There are now a lot more options on how you configured your timed content. Take a look at the new options available below.

You'll now be able to have timed content display based off a field value (e.g. Registration Date!), a static datetime (same as before 4.0.0), or a relative date (e.g. +1 YEAR). The best part is these is they are separate for Start and End date. This means you can combo them off of one another to create amazing new timed content displays. For example the Start is a Field and the Field is the Registration Date, but the End is Relative and the Relative Date is +1 YEAR. That would mean the content module would display for up to 1 year after their registration date! Here's how that would look below.

The field selection also works with Joomla fields if CB is not installed so if you don't need core CB then don't worry you can still use this feature to its fullest! Another great new change is the module is now entirely using Joomla INI language files and language strings making it easier for you to now translate the module from within Joomla's language component. For a full list of changes visit our forge below.


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