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  • Sell your content
  • Paid subscription levels
  • Sell products and services
  • Collect donations
  • Promotional coupons
  • Automated marketing
  • World-wide tax handling
  • CBSubs is a CB plugin*
  • It's open source - GPL
CBSubs GPL 4.1
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Runs on CB 2.0.14+ which works on
All Joomla versions!

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CBSubs Overview

...Quite simply, CBSubs has set the standard for flexible and powerful subscription websites for Joomla. Nothing else even comes close...
B. North, author 'Joomla 1.5 Users Guide

Build your business quick and easy with the best subscriptions membership management solution available. Add value to your Joomla CB website by providing subscriber-only content behind a ‘paywall’ by charging for access. Sit back and collect money with automated recurring billing. The power of CBSubs allows you to support almost any imaginable subscription scenario, simple or complex. Comprehensive donation and product selling capabilities are included and can be combined into a single easy checkout. Create powerful promotional discounts for your CBSubs offerings and watch CBSubs integrate with the most popular Joomla extensions. Make money with CBSubs – fast and simple!

We're so confident you'll love CBSubs, we provide a 30 day money back guarantee! Get it Now!


CBSubs Features & Benefits

With such a huge range of type of subscription websites, only CB Subs has been capable of meeting (our) diverse needs.Quite simply, CB Subs has set the standard for flexible and powerful subscription websites for Joomla. Nothing else even comes close.
Barrie North is the CEO of Simplweb, and the author of the #1 selling book on Joomla

If you can imagine it, CBSubs can do it...
  • Make money by charging for subscriptions!
  • Leading membership management and subscription solution for Joomla!TM 3.x
  • Product and service sales, plus cross and up selling
  • Conditional display of offerings dependant on CB fields and other subscriptions criteria
  • Collect donations while selling subscriptions
  • Multi-currency support lets your customers pay you in their currency
  • Easy and secure Payment Gateway integrations: Paypal, Authorize.net, 2CheckOut, Paypal Pro, Ogone, CCBill, WorldPay, Payza (formert AlertPay), QuickPay, Moneris eSELECTplus, Telemoney EasyPay, CIC Credit Mutuel, Swiss PostFinance, eWAY, Offline, Dummy (for testing). Need different payment gateway support? Contact Us.
  • Membership subscription level dependent products and services
  • ACL content access control included (no hacking!)
  • SQL action functionality to quickly integrate with other extensions at the database level
  • Control profile content appearance via owner and subscriber plan
  • Subscriber notification of events by automated, customizable emails
  • Works natively with all flavors of Joomla!TM
  • Customized forms based on membership plans
  • Personalized email and member action templates
  • Automate membership upgrade and renewals
  • Batch import for mass membership migration
  • Configure sales tax rules for purchases
  • Create powerful, flexible, personalized discount promotions (coupons)
  • Create automated marketing using Mailer plugin
  • Have a global business? no problem, CBSubs is language ready and translatable
  • W3C compliant: Usability and accessibility first
  • Don't see what your looking for? Just ask!
  • Affiliate integration for Post Affiliate Pro and iDev Affiliate
  • 3rd party integration (eg., Google Analytics, GroupJive, AcyMailing and more!)
  • Comprehensive reporting and graphs for subscriptions, revenue, donations, sales, and more!
  • Extremely detailed documentation guide containing many use case examples to help you quickly deploy your own business case
  • And even more! download now!


 Make any section, category or individual article viewable only for subscribers. Ability to allow only teaser article portion to be viewable for non-subscribers. CBSubs will even propose specific plans that will unlock the content. Protect any Joomla component (core or add-on) by requiring user to subscribe in order to use. Hide any Joomla module (core or add-on) for non-subscribers.  Ability to protect any URL part and require subscription to access. Use this method to give or revoke specific component privileges (e.g., only subscribers can access URL part to send private message or post forum thread).

CBSubs Integrations

...The plugin is amazing and the result has not let me down. Working through the set up was easy and intuitive. I have been able to move forward with the project that I've been working on with complete confidence!
Jamie Beckwith

Community Builder CBSubs contains everything you need for the total membership management solution. Powerful and easy to use add on's are included to manage your membership business:

  • CB Fields

    CB Fields Change the value of a CB field for members that subscribe to a CBSubsTM subscription plan. Also resets the value of a CB field when subscription expires for a user.

  • CB Tab/Field Protect

    CB Tab/Field Protect Control availability and visibility of any CB Tab or CB Field based on CBSubsTM subscription plans.

  • CB Plan Image

    CB Plan Image Add a plan image to a new CB field type so you can display an image on a user profile to indicate which CBSubsTM user subscription plan the profile owner is subscribed to.

  • Content Protect

    Content Protect Mark CMS content elements (articles, components, menus, modules, etc.) you wish to protect based upon a CBSubsTM plan.

  • AcyMailing Integration

    AcyMailing Integration Add or remove subscribers from AcyMailing newsletters. AcyMailing is a third party Joomla extension that provides E-mail Marketing and Newsletters for Joomla.

  • SQL Action

    SQL Action Perform up to 5 different SQL paired statements based on activation / deactivation of a member to/from a CBSubsTM subscription plan. Also available is a set of working SQL scripts to quickly integrate with Joomgallery, Mosets Trees and SOBI2. See our forum for a special topic area.

  • Automated Mailer

    Automated MailerSchedule personalized automated messages based on CBSubsTM subscription data and CB data. Great way to automate your website marketing.

  • Folder Protect

    Folder ProtectProtect up to 5 website folders based on CBSubsTM plans

  • Google Analytics Integration

    Google Analytics Int. Integrate your Google Analytics account based on a CBSubsTM plan. Google Analytics is a service offered by Google. Search the Internet in general for more information.

  • Email Integration

    Email Integration Personalize email messages (HTML and attachments) that will be sent to members based specific CBSubsTM subscription plan events.

  • GroupJive Integration

    GroupJive Integration Add/remove member to a specific GroupJive group based on plan subscription (activation/expiration). Automatically create a new GroupJive group when a member subscribes to a plan. GroupJive is a CB Team extension that provides a group management functionality. You may search the Joomla Extensions Directory more information.

  • URL Action

    SQL Action Call/execute URLs based on subscription events. Integrate with external systems by executing your own customer URL executed scripts. Pass CB/CBSubs data via POST or GET to external script.

  • Taxes

    Smart Promotions Configure sales/VAT taxes for your selling process. Very flexible with seller/buyer country based options.

  • Smart Promotions

    Smart Promotions Create powerful and flexible promotions for your membership site. Coupon based or automatically applied. Conditions criteria based on CB data and also supports gift-certificates with wallet for unused amounts

  • Post Affiliate ProIntegration

    Post Affiliate Pro Int.Track sales brought to you by affiliates. Post Affiliate Pro is a third party Joomla!TM extension that provides an affiliate commissioning system

  • iDev AffiliateIntegration

    iDev Affiliate Int. Pass profile data to your iDevAffiliate system based on a CBSubsTM plan. iDevAffiliate is a third party Joomla!TM extension that provides an affiliate commissioning system.

  • Piwik Integration

    Piwik Integration Use the Piwik open source web-analytics script to track your CBSubs sales goals in realtime!


CBSubs Payment Gateways

The following 17 payment gateways are currently supported:

  • Paypal

    Paypal payment organization with international coverage and auto-recurring payment support.

  • Paypal Pro

    Paypal Pro payment organization with international coverage and auto-recurring payment support.

  • Authorize.net

    Authorize.net U.S.A. payment processing organization with auto-recurring support.

  • Ogone

    Ogone Gateway with international and auto-recurring support.

  • PostFinance

    PostFinance Swiss Payment gateway with auto-recurring support.

  • Offline

    Offline Payment gateway for other payment channels (check, cash, phone, etc.). Payments are recorded by authorized users via frontend or backend.

  • Dummy

    Dummy Test Gateway support to test the payment workflow process on your website.

  • 2CheckOut

    2CheckOut United States based payment organization with auto-recurring payment support.

  • CCBill

    CCBill Global payment processing organization that is popular with adult site services. Auto-recurring payments are supported.

  • WorldPay

    WorldPay Gateway support for the UK WorldPay Global payment processing organization with auto-recurring support

  • AlertPay

    AlertPay Payment gateway support for Canadian based AlertPay payment organization with support in many other countries also. Auto-recurring payments are supported.

  • CIC Credit Mutuel

    CIC Credit Mutuel Payment gateway for popular French only CIC Credit Mutuel payment processing organization. Single payment support only.

  • QuickPay

    QuickPay Gateway support for the QuickPay payment processing organization. Single payments only are supported.

  • Moneris eSELECT plus

    Moneris eSELECT plus Gateway support for the Canada-only Moneris eSELECT plus payment organization. SIngle payment support only.

  • eWAY

    eWAY Gateway support for the eWAY payment processing organization that is popular in AUS, UK and NZ. Support only for single payments.

  • Telemoney EasyPay

    Telemoney EasyPay Gateway support for the Telemoney EasyPay Singapore-only payment processing organization. Support only for single payments.


If you have a payment gateway need you can sponsor the development of a new gateway for 200 - 300 USD. Send Nick a private message to learn more.

CBSubs Pricing

Joomlapolis CBSubsΤΜ GPL is offered as a GPL product based on a yearly membership subscription that entitles you to maintenance releases and forum support for all your website installations.

The CBSubs GPL product is also available as part of our Developer membership which comes with many additional benefits.

CBSubs downloads, maintenance and support for all your websites for 12 months for $ 199 /  179
with full source code, lifetime GPL opensource license for unlimited sites and users

Get CBSubs GPL Now!

CBSubs Technical Requirements and Recommendations

Joomlapolis CBSubsΤΜ has the following technical requirements:

  • Joomla 3.x.
  • Community Builder 2.0.9 or higher.
  • PHP 5.2.4 or better (PHP 5.3.3 or better recommended - PHP 5.4 supported also).
  • MySql 5.0.4 or better (5.1 or better recommended).
  • Recommended curl and openSSL support. Some payment processors require fsockopen and/or openSSL support.

CBSubs Testimonials

We love the power and flexibility that CBSubs gives us for managing users' profiles. The learning curve on our first project was time well spent as we are now doing things with Joomla that we didn't think were possible. That's why we are now working on our 10th CBSubs project!
Joe Palmer, www.softforge.co.uk
When CBSubs was released I could immediately see the potential of this system, especially for membership sites. We have been using CBSubs on www.issba.co.uk for the past year and a half, managing a combination of online PayPal and offline cheque/BACS payments for the Ipswich and Suffolk Small Business Association. Some features which were not present when it initially launched (such as reminder emails, tax systems, coupons) which have been subsequently implemented, showing that the developers are listening and responding to their users. There are other systems on the market but the potential of CBSubs is really quite incredible if you're willing to take the time to explore what it can do.
Ruth Cheesley
I can't say enough about CBsubs. I have used several of the Joomla subscription extensions and CBsubs is by far the best out there. It integrates with CB perfectly, allows tight control over all of your site, and is easy to use. Created by the CB team means that it is coded correctly! Also, there is plenty of help to be found in the forums. Trust me save yourself some time - use CBsubs.
Adam Parker (ThePiston)
The CBSubs solution has given me the tools to implement many subscription and eCommerce websites for my clients. Features that would otherwise take me months to implement are easily configured using CBSubs. The solution lets me quickly develop sites I could not develop easily before. Bottom line, my clients are very happy with end product.
Jacob Hodara, www.jh-design.com
If your are serious with your e-commerce website and you are looking for a product that is (1) stable and reliable, (2) flexible and customizable, (3) maintained, supported and easy to use and extend, then Community Builder and the new subscription system is the best choice.
Ivo Downes, Director, SC Models www.showcast.de
With such a huge range of type of subscription websites, only CB Subs has been capable of meeting (our) diverse needs.Quite simply, CB Subs has set the standard for flexible and powerful subscription websites for Joomla. Nothing else even comes close.
Barrie North is the CEO of Simplweb, and the author of the #1 selling book on Joomla
Our service offering needed a powerful "subscription" and "membership" type function. We looked at all the available GPL and Commercial products on the market that semi-fit our needs...NOTHING we found met that need except CB Subs. CB Subs is one of the best extensions for Community Builder AND Joomla I have seen...stable, easy to use and install. It does have a small learning curve, but this is in part due to the flexible nature of the product...infinite combinations of products, services and subscription ..strongly recommend CBSubs.. Don't mess around with the other extensions, do it professionally and right - get CB Subs.
SalvusSystem.Com Tom Canavan

CBSubs Support

Please visit Support & community

You are never alone. As a CBSubs customer, the Joomlapolis team is here to provide assistance in whatever help you need to ensure technical issues are resolved fast and easy. In addition to Level 1 support, we include two additional levels of support with your CBSubs purchase. Read More

As all Joomlapolis users, you still have access to our comprehensive list of FAQ’s, article library and general forums found on our Support and Community page

* CBSubs is a CB plugin with a GPL license, to be installed through the CB plugins installer and is not a Joomla extension (e.g. Joomla component). CBSubs runs and relies only on CB, and thus works also on all other CMS's supported by CB, like Mambo and on some Mambo-forks.
Advanced and Professional members with a CBSubs GPL membership, as well as Developer members, can now use in Downloads menu our CB Packager to build a custom installable single package with CB and a choice of CB plugins, including CBSubs GPL 3.0 and a choice of CBSubs integration and gateway plugins.