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Searched the forum, and online.

Question is:

A registered user of my website which uses CB122, and the Profilebook (great stuff by the way).

The user has a blog post in their profile, and at the bottom it shows: [Notice: Last Edit by Site Moderator].

I am the only administrator on the site, and I did not knowingly edit anyone's content. Is there a way to track who and how this edit was done?

Or even, is there a way to turn off that note, or make it show that the user made the edits? That must have been how it was done.

Thanks for any info on this.

BTW: I did find in the database where the 'editdate' of last edit and the user ID, and 'postername' are located. It clearly shows that it was the user who edited it.

But, in this world of bugs and hacks, I'm not confident I should just toss it back at the user.

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