CB Plugin for JoomGallery - Devs looking for assistance

6 years 8 months ago #214916 by gjschaller
The development team for JoomGallery has a CB plugin that links users in CB to images in JoomGallery (basically, "tagging" users in images).

They've recently opened up development on the project, placing it on GitHub - I didn't see an announcement of the move here on the CB forums, so I wanted to share it here for everyone, especially people who might be able to contribute some code.

Here's the link to GitHub: github.com/JoomGallery/jg-cb-tab

Thank you for your contributions and help!

Geoffrey Schaller
Technical Officer
4 years 1 week ago #267199 by lavoro83
Is there a compatible versions of CB Joomgallery Tab and JoomDisplayCBname for Community Builder 2.0.9???

I need desperately these ones to be compatible with CB 2.0.9. I have upgraded from 1.9.1 without checking the Joomgallery site for compatible plugins and now my web site is in chaos!

Or any other plugins that have the same functionalities as these two.
4 years 1 week ago #267202 by gjschaller
It's working for me, minus some CSS I need to clean up:


Geoffrey Schaller
Technical Officer
4 years 1 week ago #267208 by lavoro83
I guess I have to be registered and logged in to see the content because it says Error
You are not authorized to view this page!

Are you using Community Builder 2.0.9 and CB JoomGallery Tab Version:1.7 BETA + JoomDisplayCBname Version:2.0 ???
4 years 1 week ago - 4 years 1 week ago #267235 by gjschaller
It's public now, try again.

Was on CB 2.0.9, now on 2.0.10. I think it's CB JoomGallery 1.7, but the version is not displayed (Edit: File version confirms it is 1.7). JoomDisplayCBname is the latest version, according to the JG control panel.

Geoffrey Schaller
Technical Officer
4 years 4 days ago #267464 by lavoro83

It's a bit strange that works for you and crashes the web site for me???

I am also now using 2.0.10 and the problem remains.
If you go to this link and click on the second tab Фотографии you will see user's list of images created by using Joomgallery. If you click on image, ex. Tom and jerry it gives Error 404 .

If I activate the plugin JoomGallery - Display CB Name it crashes my web site and gives error message

Warning: require_once(<span>/</span>home<span>/</span>tortijad/public_html/administrator/components/com_comprofiler/ue_config.php) [function.require-once]: failed to <span>open</span> stream: No such file or directory in <span>/</span>home<span>/</span>tortijad/public_html/plugins/joomgallery/joomdisplaycbname/joomdisplaycbname.php on line 45

Fatal error: require_once() [function.require]: Failed opening required '<span>/</span>home<span>/</span>tortijad/public_html/administrator/components/com_comprofiler/ue_config.php' (include_path='.:<span>/</span>usr<span>/</span>lib/php:<span>/</span>usr<span>/</span>local/lib/php') in <span>/</span>home<span>/</span>tortijad/public_html/plugins/joomgallery/joomdisplaycbname/joomdisplaycbname.php on line 45

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