phpBB Connector V1.0.2 Beta now available

13 years 10 months ago #4505 by geeffland
As soon as the moderators approve the updated file you will notice that Version 1.0.2 Beta is ready for download and testing. Those already registered as beta testers on our project should have received notice and the ability to download the file from there (let me know if you had trouble)

This version incorporates the long awaited import and export of users between CB and phpBB. To access this go to the CB - Plugin Managment screen... select "phpBB Connector" then under the parameters click on "Plugin Control Panel" this will open a new window with our control panel... From there you will see multiple tabs showing which user fall into which category...

1) Already Syncd
2) Matched users but not Synced
3) Ready for import (phpBB to CB )
4) Ready for export (CB to phpBB )
5) Interferring users (same username but different passwords)

#5 is not hooked up yet... so for now any that interefere must be handled manually...

More instructions to follow... should be fairly self-explanatory for now


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13 years 10 months ago #4506 by scubaguy
:woohoo: That is great news, Greg. Thanks for sharing your work. I'm going to click on refresh every 10 seconds until I see it available for download. (no really I'm not obsessive)

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13 years 10 months ago #4527 by Herman

I get the following error when I install the plugin:

"SQL error on field store: moscomprofilerfields::createColumn failed"

Any reason for this?

13 years 10 months ago #4536 by geeffland

Yes the reason for that is that you had a previous version of this plugin installed... therfore it already created the cb_phpbbid field in comprofiler... When CB uninstalls a plugin it makes sure that if data is present in the field then it won't delete the field...

Basically everything should work fine... In a future release I hope to change the SQL code that happens during the install so that it will check for that field before trying to insert it... this will mean the use of an install function versus the install SQL that we are using now (and the CB field creation that we used to use)...

You should be good to go... Thought about posting something about the error (warning) this morning but you beat me to it...

We do have a tracker for this as well... ( )


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13 years 10 months ago #4540 by geeffland
Have just seen other items that should be brought up about the plugin.

1) In its current form it is setup to work with the regular version of phpBB.

We have it on our feature requests list to make it work with the phpBB component from Tim-Online. If anyone has or is willing to create some documents showing which table changes have been made between the phpBB component and the regular phpBB that would help speed up its development.

2) README file is from V1.0.2 Beta so it does not yet discuss the import/export features.

3) The sessions.php hack mentioned in the help file is to correct an apparent error in that file.

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