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9 years 1 month ago #160966 by sfutterer
K2 and Community Builder integration is now possible using a series of files available from JoomlaMagic. See www.joomagic.com/downloads/extensions/cat_view/73-extensions ...

With these files your K2 user avatar will be displayed in K2 modules and items. The avatar will link back to the CB profile and if you use the CB Author Tab plugin, the links from articles in CB will route to K2 items. To see a working version of this please go to www.theicpm.com

Please take notice: This is a set of "Hacked" files. These are not plugins. We strongly encourage you to back up the original files before you upload these files through your FTP. With this solution you can use CB login module and CB registration

Overwrite these files with the downloaded files

K2 Component

K2 Module

CB Plugin

If you are starting with a fresh K2 install - follow these additional steps:

2) Install plg_user_k2. It will automatically insert users when user registered in CB and will assign to group

3) from Back-end , K2 dashboard click "Import Joomla! content " it will import all joomla articles.
and CB "my articles" tab will show only K2 articles.

NOTE REGARDING SUPPORT: We hired a Joomlancer to complete this work, so little support is offered. Use at your own risk.
9 years 1 week ago #164407 by JulienNICOLAS
Good surprise to see this ! That's a long time i was searching on it...
But i've got an issue :(

Did you know, why i'm getting the user id (repeat 2 times), showing in front page ?
I've see your site, and you don't have this issue..; Have you done something, or this is an issue only for me ? (I've made some modification on K2 component, just want to know if it is related or not).

And what is your K2 version ?

Thanks for sharing,
9 years 1 week ago - 9 years 1 week ago #164411 by JulienNICOLAS
So after a litte search... files works well.
Only line 29 on /utilities.php , you need to delete : " echo $userID; "
And "number id" will not be shown and links work well.

For addition, a plugin to link CB user to a default categorie user of K2 exists on the JED... To complete integration ;)
If someone, retrieve to link users by CB-listing on K2 groups, integration will be done entirely.
9 years 4 days ago #164714 by livestudio

This link doesn't work: www.joomagic.com/downloads/extensions/cat_view/73-extensions ...

Any place where I can find hacked files for insert cb to k2??

Thanks a lot.
9 years 4 days ago #164717 by nant
I believe that next K2 version (already in SVN) will have a clean integration with CB as the two development teams have been working together towards this.
9 years 4 days ago #164719 by livestudio
Ok, but now I need these hacked files but found nowhere.

Can you give me a link where I can download them?

Thanks a lot.

Have a nice day.
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