CB 1.7 Translating to swedish

8 years 8 months ago #176379 by dimpymalhotra
Hey.. Were you able to translate the files .. If you did please send me a link. Would be great...

Thanks & Regards
8 years 8 months ago #176417 by crumpets
I'm sorry for not responding for a while. I thought I'd have more time, but house renovations have been taking up my free time lately. I'm still gonna try to test it as soon as possible.

Any progress, jaycswe?
8 years 8 months ago #176504 by larsagerstrand

I am also looking for the Swedish translation for 1.7, how is it going?

I am no pro at this but can I help somehow?

/ Lars
8 years 8 months ago #177204 by jaycswe
I just tried to change some translation in the original langauge files an that showed up on the homepage. installing the swedish language doesnt help but translating the english files to swedish does the thing for me... that is the quickfix before some people from CB-team lets us know why the installed swedish is not working... i have earlier in this thread attached the translation i did... I need to change all å, ä and ö to proper å-codes in them...

an swapping the original english files to the swedish doesnt help, the translated ones are giving blank pages so there are some errors in them....

8 years 8 months ago #177212 by nant
Instruction for creating proper CB 1.7 language plugin are posted here:


If these are followed exactly as stated then the plugin will work.
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8 years 8 months ago - 8 years 8 months ago #177256 by jaycswe

i will look into it again and try it a second time to see if its possible to make it work with the swedish language installed... i let you know in my progress, but atm i cant promise any deadline for it...

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