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Sorry for the bold title, but this is a very bad thing to do whether by accident or on purpose.

If you try and install CB 1.9.1 over CB 2.0 you will break your website.

It has come to our attention that some users have actually done this, either directly by trying to install the CB 1.9.1 component on a website that already has CB 2.0 or by trying to install a CB Packager build for CB 1.9.1 on a CB 2.0 website.

The install will fail and your site might break - frontend and backend.

To recover you can do the following:

If you have access to your Joomla backend, then just reinstall the latest CB 2.0 package and you should get everything back to order.

  1. Locate the mod_cbadmin folder in your administrator/modules area and rename it (just put an _ underscore symbol in ftont of it).
  2. Step 1 should get your backend back in order.
  3. Now reinstall the CB 2.0 package to get your site back.
  4. remove the folder you renamed in step 1 (as a new one was installed by step 3).

If you think you might need to downgrade a CB 2.0 installation then make sure (as we always advise) to have taken a full backup before you attempt to install CB 2.0 in the first place.
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