Confirmed bug, resend confirmation

9 years 1 month ago #178368 by viewofheaven
Confirmed bug, resend confirmation was created by viewofheaven
My God! This confirms my fear of CB and related products!

A customer, mathorn, encountered this bug regarding "Resend Confirmation" function.

I too managed to replicate the problem.

What shocked me was that mathorn was a paying member at Joomlapolis. He was so turned off by krileon's reply that he simply uninstalled the component.

The poor guy paid for nothing!

The bug is like this. When a user is NOT ENABLED and NOT CONFIRMED, such a user can be resent a confirmation email.

What mathorn likely did was use CB to do two things to the user concerned:
- Make the user "NOT ENABLED" (via "Block User: Yes")
- Make the user "NOT CONFIRMED" (via "Confirm User: No")

And then mathorn tried to "Resend Confirmation" to said user. The message was simply "Sent confirmation emails to 0 users". Didn't work.

The bug is that CB's "Block User: Yes" does not correctly "Un-Enable" the user.

I'm so surprised at krileon's nonchalant reply, and even more shocked at his inability to spot this bug from mathorn's description of the symptoms.

Indeed, much of CB's codes is scary to say the least. Spaghetti code, bad organization, etc. It's clear the codes are done by people like krileon and his team, from how they managed to let slip bugs in very uncanny "oh huh?" ways. Makes me cringe too much to even eek out a "duh".

I don't know what is happening with the CB team. But I do know that I can fix every bug I've seen on these forums so far. If anyone here is keen to get the bugfixes for free, let me know! Don't give up on CB! It's substantial work, even if it may have been inefficient work (might have cost CB team more time than necessary to develop).

I don't really know if I wanna give my bugfixes to CB, given that they charge even for documentation (and then go on to claim they are for open-source).

But I truly am for open-source. I don't wanna piss off paying customers by giving away bugfixes for free to non-paying customers. On the other hand, I don't want to piss off non-paying customers by sending bugfixes to CB team and having them potentially re-sell those fixes that should have been free.

Will CB ever become non-open-source? If I contribute to the documentation, will other users have to pay for my contributions? Pertinent questions that I voiced out on my day ONE with CB (just couple of months ago). But I was shot down politely. Is the CB Team constrained by some bigger corporation? Is there something going on that I'm not aware of?

mathorn, if you're reading this, I implore you to give CB another chance. Yes, it has tons of bugs. No, it doesn't take me more than 2 weeks to fix them all (whatever I see on the forums). If you get enough people willing to help me maintain my changelogs, and, more importantly, to ensure that I won't have to pay CB Team for my OWN contributions in future, let me know! I'm all for open-source. But please let me know if I'll be breaking some legal terms set by some big corporation.

The very sad thread, where mathorn was turned away stone cold, is here:

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9 years 1 month ago #178461 by nant
Replied by nant on topic Re: Confirmed bug, resend confirmation
The new (as of CB 1.7) “Resend Confirmation” feature was meant to operate on frontend registration workflows to be able to resend confirmation emails to users with full mailboxes or wrong spam filter settings. Any backend related workflow activities need to be reassessed based on this new feature and could in fact result in a new bug or feature tracker item.

Thank your for your clear description and steps to reproduce this issue, We could now reproduce it when setting a confirmed user back to unconfirmed status in the backend, which is something that is certainly seldomly done. I have opened a new tracker item here ( ) for further investigation (you can follow progress and participate/contribute publicly if you want).

The CB software (CB, CB Add-ons and Incubator add-ons) is and has always been open-source. CB itself is also free as in beer. There is no paid CB version. Advanced and Professional members enjoy the same CB stable version as all Free Joomlapolis members.

The CB documentation is not open-source but available to Advanced and Professional members.

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9 years 1 month ago #178462 by beat
Replied by beat on topic Re: Confirmed bug, resend confirmation
All contributions (code, feature requests, bug findings, forum support, translation, etc.) are welcome and are freely available to everyone on the forge and in the forum.

We truly appreciate all contributions and feedback and are always looking for ways to reward and thank people for making CB better and to improve processes and transparency.

Open source works with a lot of taking and a bit of giving back. Most people sadly only take and keep their improvements for them, others share back, and have the big advantage of being recognized and rewarded as contributors, and also to not have to re-apply suggested fixes and improvements at each new release. Plus suggested fixes and improvements are peer reviewed and improved before being released, thus are more powerful and broader usable as particular cases.

Thus, it is really up to you to decide if you want to keep your bugfixes for yourself, or if you want to share them publicly with the community on this forum, or better in the open-source-usual way of patches for the proposed fixes on the forge.

So you asked to make you know if we would appreciate your CB bug-findings and proposed patches: The reply is: sure we do, but not only we do, the whole CB community sure does.

Beat - Community Builder Team Member

Before posting on forums: Read FAQ thoroughly -- Help us spend more time coding by helping others in this forum, many thanks :)
CB links: Our membership - CBSubs - Templates - Hosting - Forge - Send me a Private Message (PM) only for private/confidential info

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