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10 years 11 months ago #213367 by lucablue
Item addable from user was created by lucablue
I'm using CB since different years and maybe I will subscribe also as pro member but before doing it I'd like to know if the following function is avaiable already or shoud be developed.

I want give the possibility to my user to add some items, each with different fields, as he want.

Example 1:
User insert into my CB his data like username, password, email, name, surname, phone and so on. More over he need to insert if he has got mother, brother, sister and if he has got more than one.

So in his tab he has got: Sister 1: name, birth date, city.... but if he has got another sister he should can click on a + button and all the fields of item "Sister 1" is automatically replied for Sister 2 but if hasn't any sister so no item shoudl compaer into his profile.

Example 2:
I want to register in my website my customers. Any customer can add into his own profile the product he had bought from my shop inserting Product name, product serial number and so on. But If he has bought just 1 product so it appears only for 1 item, if tomorrow he will buy another product he should can press on + button to insert the data of the new product.

Can you help me to know if something like this feature is already into any CB component or module?

Thank you for help

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10 years 11 months ago #213380 by nant

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10 years 10 months ago #213492 by lucablue
Replied by lucablue on topic Re: Item addable from user
It could be a future feature of CB? Or I've to looking for it in other developer website? (even if it will be put on subscription PRO or DEV)

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