Quick enhancements and fixes for CB 1.9

10 years 11 months ago - 10 years 10 months ago #217435 by newlog
Hi everyone

I am proposing a set of quick enhancements and fixes for CB 1.9.

These have been implemented and thoroughly tested, and are available as an alternative CB installer (see below).

Of course it is hoped that the CB team will include them (or equivalent implementations) in future releases!

Now for the details...

1. Tab width in CB control panel enlarged (otherwise text overflow for non-English header labels)

2. Setting all tool tip width to 350px (instead of the 200, 300, 350, etc. found over source code)

3. Revising explaination text regarding 'names' in CB Configuration General tab
=> makes things clear between 'full name', 'formatted name' and 'unique name' concepts

4. Setting up (missing) language strings in the email section of registration (CB Configuration Registration tab)
=> now CB registration is 100% multilingual

5. Custom fields name NOT starting with "cb_" are now allowed
=> however, a confirmation warning is raised and the "cb_" enforcing is restored if user does not cancel it

6. In Field Manager fields are now ordered wrt TABS first
=> this makes field management much more comfortable (previous ordering was rather clumsy)

7. CB Auto Action triggers
Contrary to what is understood in the dropdwon trigger list, trigger
DOES fire in backend.

Therefore a new trigger
has been added, in compliance with the plugin naming policy:
	FE onBeforeUserUpdate                  Before Profile Update
	BE onBeforeUpdateUser                  Before Profile Update

	FE onBeforeUserProfileEditDisplay      Before Profile Edit Display
	BE onBeforeDisplayUserProfileEdit      Before Profile Edit Display /* ADDED */

8. Removal of question marks (?) in front of a column (:) in labels for yes/no fields, eg.
Required?: => Required:
=> This makes the entire user admin homogeneous!

9. Various PHP warnings (unset indices or properties) fixed.

10. Various typos and missing CBTxt::T(...)

11. Enabling links to profiles in list entries (CB Configuration Lists tab) now takes into account the profile access level (CB Configuration Profiles tab)
=> otherwise it is possible that the list entries be clickable and the links point to a forbidden page!

A complete installer, including the Implementation of the 'Main Group feature' , is available on Aide-Joomla forum .

Otherwise the set a modified files is available here (all modifications are labelled [FL_Hack] in source code).

Enjoy, and happy 2013!
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10 years 11 months ago #217612 by Josh Lewis
Replied by Josh Lewis on topic Re: Quick enhancements and fixes for CB 1.9
Awesome! These sound like good additions. I hope the CB team inspects this and implements this into the next release of CB. Not that I personally need this much, but I'm sure it will be helpful to other folks.

Thanks for doing this. :)

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