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Welcome to our Language forums!

There are 3 Joomlapolis driven projects that can be localized to other languages. This localization is accomplished using CB Language Plugins that are installed via the CB Plugin Manager (just like all CB plugins). "Official" localization projects are organized on our Joomlapolis forge area and are managed by community volunteers. All Joomlapolis registered members can use the same credentials (username/password pair) to sign-in on our forge. Each community volunteer manager may form his/her own team to maintain the localization. The main language projects (containing language specific sub-projects) linked to their respective forge areas are:

Each of these areas have sub-project areas per language. Each existing sub-project shows the community volunteers (in the Members section) showing their Joomlapolis usernames. Should you wish to contact one of these members (to offer your assistance) you can just locate their Joomlapolis profile by clicking the Search link on our Joomlapolis Membership List and searching by username.

If you don't see your language project area or forum category it means that no one has volunteered. If you are interested in organizing your specific language plugin just send Nick (ana nant) a private message expressing your interest.
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