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8 years 1 month ago #192569 by joomla15

CB recently installed version 1.8 and has a plugin with "brazilian_portuguese", how can I do for the CB acknowledge the Portuguese language? He only recognizes the "Default language (English)".

thank you

8 years 2 days ago #195640 by julianb
where did you find the brazilian_portuguese plugin for 1.8? I did not ....
5 years 5 months ago - 5 years 5 months ago #249813 by MareAlta
Hi. I've done the same! There was two zip packets
PACK A for interface
PACK B For admin menus in the backend!

I've followed the instructions. None changed

Then removed and changed the sequence installation. And the same, none!

The entire ZIP is called cb_pt-br_1.8.0v1 and is posted on this forum. I've attached here

I've also change the default language on superuser to Portuguese, as said on this forum (not this topic)

But nothing changes. I've tried to remove the English language to second, change portuguese to 1st, tried to make portuguese as default. But nothing happens!

Where i can help translating to prtuguese CB 1.9.0?

Thanks for any help
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