Need Multi Time Zone Calendar

9 years 11 months ago #103716 by sarrene
I am looking for a calendar that will support (and display) multi time zone users.

I have tried Jcal and many others, and so far no luck. All of them show the time zone of the poster only and not what it would be for other members...

Example of what I do NOT want (and what has happened with the others):
a) User1 lives in London, UK. He posts an event for 5pm BST.
b) User2 lives in NewYork, USA. He logs in and reads the event posted by User1. Time displayed for logged in User2 is 5pm. (Their proflie time zone is set for EST)
c) User3 lives in California USA, and logged in, they view the calender event happening at 5pm. (Their profile time zone is set for PST)
d) Guests/Visitors view event time at 5pm (Server default time is set for EST: UTC-05:00 Eastern Time)

As you can see, this would be confusing for members that do not live in London or that time zone.
It did not matter what time zone the users that viewed the calendar events were in, or what they had it set in their profile. It did not matter whether I used Community Builder or just the default Joomla user lists (CB not installed).

I want it so that each member logged in will view the event based on their correct time zone, or at least what they have it set in their profile.

So, what I need is a calendar that will display events for the time zone of my users and what they have set up in their profile.

Is there anything out there like this? Please tell me there is. :geek:

Thank you ahead of time,
8 years 6 months ago #148684 by dschoerner
Did you ever find one? I have been experimenting with multiple calenders and have the same issue.
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